Our network accelerator program is designed around a focused, intense, and very productive three-week agenda, with specific emphases on business development and mentorship for the founders and their top leadership teams. Startups in the program have the opportunity to work closely with select corporate collaborators, mentors and industry leaders to create the mutual insight and understanding necessary to scale the best cyber and space companies to the next level and to showcase their businesses. Our ability to match mentors, advisers and investors to the entrepreneurs selected and to provide an immersive, tailored experience in the Washington, D.C. metro area places the C5A Network Accelerator in a class by itself.

Program Requirements

We’re looking for early stage startups that are ready to scale!

What makes a successful C5 Accelerate applicant?

  1. Be appropriately incorporated

  2. Have successfully closed early stage seed funding

  3. Have a strong founding team established

  4. Have a well-developed business plan

  5. Be able to scale on the cloud