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C5 Welcomes Suavei IoT to PeaceTech Accelerator

C5 Welcomes Suavei IoT Security to PeaceTech Accelerator Cohort 4

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Suavei is pleased to announce that we’ve joined the PeaceTech Accelerator Cohort 4 in Washington, DC. C5, the investment specialist firm investing into cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and cloud, is combining forces with Amazon Web Services, PeaceTech Lab and SAP NS2. C5 established the world’s first PeaceTech Accelerator to scale startups on the cloud and solve problems relating to peace, stability and security worldwide.

This marks the first week of an intensive eight week training and mentoring program to substantially scale the startups. They’re supported by a highly-experienced group of prominent international technology entrepreneurs, business leaders, investors and peace innovators.

Eva-Maria Dimitriadis, COO of C5 Accelerate, said, “We’ve graduated 18 startups at the PeaceTech Accelerator since launching in April 2017.” Cohort 4 runs from June 4 – July 27. Follow our journey and get the latest updates on our social media outlets:, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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