Win Sheridan

Owner, BDW Investments

Win is a graduate of Gonzaga College High School in Washington, DC and went on to Virginia Tech, where he earned his BA in both English and Political Science with a minor in Business Administration. He currently resides in Arlington, Virginia and has three children, Bentley (7), Win (5) and Dylan (3).

In the fall of 1995, Win founded Apex Systems, Inc., an IT staffing and recruiting company. Apex grew to become one of the largest IT Staffing companies in the United States with 2011 revenues of over $700,000,000 before it was sold to On Assignment, a publicly traded professional staffing company, in May, 2012. It continues to operate as its own division in that company and did close to 1.6 billion in revenues in 2017. Win stays very engaged as a Director on the Board of On Assignment.

Win also has his own venture capital firm called BDW Investments, LLC. BDW is invested in 79 early stage companies in a variety of industries ranging from technology, cyber security, healthcare and entertainment to name a few. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and serves as an advisor in almost all of the companies he’s invested in.

Win is also actively involved in local charities and is on the Board of Directors for several non-profit organizations including PeacePlayers International, ThanksUSA, and Gonzaga College High School. He also serves as Chairman of the Apex Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Virginia Tech.