Invest Sou Sou

Sou Sou is a smart customer acquisition tool that helps lenders recruit, cultivate and retain borrowers using crowd banking. The Sou Sou crowd banking platform is an easy to use, cloud-based application that uses lending circles to provide credit-building loans and resources to users driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI)-machine learning. Lenders and brokers use Sou Sou to find and cultivate high quality loan candidates that meet their lending criteria. Sou Sou integrates seamlessly into any lender’s website or mobile app or can be offered as a stand-alone product. We charge banks a monthly licensing fee plus 50% of a loan origination fees collected from each loan. Sou Sou as a provisional patent pending and has already closed lead generation agreements to service 24 community lenders in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Our mission is to disrupt the $3.4 million predatory lending industry crippling America’s working poor. In 2018, Sou Sou was featured in Forbes, and received DC’s Small Business Sustainability and Innovation Award.

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