Organizations, businesses, governments, and individuals increasingly rely on data every day. They hope to quickly make sense of growing data to understand their world, make better decisions and take effective actions. At Keshif, LLC, we believe the most effective path to insights and knowledge from data is through an interactive, visual, and intuitive dialogue with the data. With that vision, we provide Keshif, a new web-based data exploration tool, to enable data exploration with the least effort, the most insights, in the shortest time. In addition, we support the full life-cycle of data exploration from first steps in data discovery, to deployment and adoption of exploratory solutions, in a way that fits your organizational needs.

Keshif innovates as a human-first data exploration environment that converts the increasing complexity into simplicity, beauty, and speed, improving beyond the best practices. Existing tools, designs, and processes introduce many layers of options and complexity to start communicating with the data. At Keshif, we reduce the challenges to making complex visualization and interaction decisions through innovative design.

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