C5 Accelerate is part of the C5 Enterprise, which includes C5 Capital and C5 Philanthropy. C5 Accelerate has been running startup acceleration programs since 2016. More than 75 startups from 44 countries have graduated from our world-class acceleration program. We provide startup value through a broad platform of mentors, advisors, and providing access to senior decision makers for selling their products and services. Our focus is in accelerating the world’s “best of breed” innovative and cutting-edge startups in cybersecurity, space, AI and cloud-based technologies through coaching in market development, lean principles, and business development acceleration.

The investment team is led by seasoned executives, known for their experience, performance, accountability, and integrity. Their work is enhanced by a unique network of strategic partners who are leaders in commerce, technology, industry, geopolitics, academia and government.

We are connected to global strategic partners and our network consists of hundreds of highly skilled talent and reputable mentors across multiple sectors and countries. Strategic partners and advisors include AWS Activate, SAP NS2, Hudson Sandler, and many others